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About Mike Brashear...

“Find the thing you would gladly do for free and then find a way to get paid to do it.”

- Mike’s grandpa


That is the key to success in life and Mike Brashear’s philosophy. From a young age, Mike was drawn to horses. He found them to be a source of comfort, which in turn made Mike want to search for ways to do something good for them. This desire led him to many of the horsemanship greats, who are still some of the most well-known and respected today. However, he realized that the horse is the greatest teacher of all. His passion has allowed Mike to professionally train horses for the last thirty years.


Mike concentrates on foundation to finished horses, using natural methods to create a relationship between horse and rider. Mike is a local and national clinician helping others with a variety of topics based on common sense horsemanship. Only second to horses, he has a passion to help people. He appreciates the “ah-ha” moments a student finds that allows them to move forward toward creating a better relationship with their horse.

Mike lives in Fort Lupton, Colorado, just north of Denver, with his wife, Laura, and their three children. Mike has built his life around horses and the best horsemanship possible.

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